GOAL: to help you reclaim eating moments of your life with meaning and moderation; to help you leverage self-acceptance and compassion; to help you appreciate the ordinary perfection of what is; and to help you rediscover your essential self. 

Pavel Somov, Ph.D.





10 Clinical Skills to Overcome Overeating

Author: Pavel Somov, Ph.D.
Publisher: PESI 2011
Length: 4 DVD(s)
Media Type: Seminar on DVD
Duration: 5 hours, 29 minutes
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There is more to mindful/conscious eating than just slowing down, paying attention and chewing ten times.

Watch this seminar recording and take home a highly experiential, clinically eclectic mix of conscious eating skills designed to broaden the definition of mindful eating beyond the “raisin meditation.”

The recording will culminate with motivational enhancement training through a development of a personalized philosophy of eating designed to help your client (and you!) anchor your eating habits in your existential and life values.

This practical and popular seminar recording is based on Pavel Somov’s program of awareness-building and habit-modifying mindful practices to overcome overeating one meal at a time described in his book, Eating the Moment.


This wonderfully creative book teaches us that we don't need willpower to overcome our unruly eating habits, but mindfulness skill power. It shows that freedom doesn't come from stopping emotional eating, but when we learn how to eat emotionally in moderation, more effectively and without self-judgement or self-loafing. Pavel Somov has put together a fun mindfulness toolbox for not only healthcare professionals, but anyone who struggles with emotional eating.

- Alexa Frey, Co-founder of The Mindfulness Project, London







"Anger Management Jumpstart offers a much-needed paradigm shift from previous methods for working in the anger minefield. Defusing human improvised explosive devices is never easy, which is why Somov's practical and accelerated behavioral-change model is so appealing. The 4-session anger jumpstart program is deeply rooted in down-to-earth mindfulness training skills, excellent guided scripts for therapists, and a realistic anger recovery roadmap. Anger Management Jumpstart offers step-by-step solutions (and soul-utions) for transforming the harmful poisons of anger, fear, and righteousness into self-awareness, compassion, and long-lasting behavioral change. But beware: This is not your grandfather's boring textbook; it s a fast-paced, stimulating, insightful, neuroscience-nuanced, and spiritually-spritzed journey that is sure to be satisfying, invigorating, and effective for both client and therapist. Pavel Somov is unquestionably at the frontier of bringing potent mindfulness interventions into therapy. This pragmatic new book offers a quick and powerful booster charge of hope and positive traction for those who have been too long stuck in the rut of anger."

--Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, psychotherapist and author, One-Minute MindfulnessThe Mindfulness Toolbox, and The Mindfulness Code


"As a longtime professional and author in the field of mindful eating, I rarely happen upon writings that so clearly illuminate what is at the core of all mindfulness practice: the awakening of possibility and the possibility of awakening. Pavel Somov has accomplished this in a way that is simultaneously surprising, powerful, fresh, and effective. In Reinventing the Meal, he presents a new paradigm for eating by serving up a diverse mindfulness menu consisting of appetizing anecdotes; a savory stew of fascinating scientific research, ancient wisdom, and down-to-earth mindful eating practices; and a delightful dessert of wry humor. In doing so, he stretches the limits of mindful eating, providing approaches that can help people break out of limiting styles of eating and antiquated ways of viewing themselves and the world. No matter how stuck you may feel, this book will metaphorically cleanse your palate, allowing you to start anew—with an empty plate and, more literally, a mind empty of preconceptions about food."

-- Donald Altman, is vice president of The Center for Mindful Eating and author of One-Minute Mindfulness and Meal by Meal 


“This brilliant and practical new book is designed to help alleviate the excess stress and dissatisfaction of perfectionism, one of the main practices of the extremely popular, if unheralded, religion I lovingly call Control Freakism. Pavel Somov gives us numerous helpful awareness exercises, conscious inquiries, insights, mindfulness practices, original perspectives, and penetrating ideas, all conducive to helping us free ourselves from this tyrannical inner demon and experience the radiant reality of things just as they are. Acceptance has its own transformative magic, and I heartily recommend this work to all who want to transform, awaken, and edify.”

—Lama Surya Das, founder of Dzogchen Meditation Centers and author of Awakening the Buddha Within

Kindle: Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control


Eating the Moment is a thoughtful feast for those who want to understand the psychology of eating and how to overcome mindlessness with food. The 141 eating practices are easy-to-grasp appetizers for becoming more aware, overcoming craving, and transforming your experience with food. If you have ever wanted a primer on eating skills that you never learned at home or in school, this book is an excellent place to start.

—Donald Altman, author of Meal by Meal and Art of the Inner Meal

Kindle: Eating the Moment: 141 Mindful Practices to Overcome Overeating One Meal at a Time


In the Lotus Effect, Pavel Somov teaches us to work our way through the complexities of pain, suffering and impermanence towards learning to let go, surrender and accept the teachings of our samsaras, the afflictions of body, mind and soul. With the Lotus effect we shift from pain and suffering towards growth, rebirth and transformation of the self, soul and essence. A wonderful read to dive into right now; great for clinicians as a guide and for all others, if you wish to grow a new lotus within yourself!

--Ronald A. Alexander, Ph.D., executive director of the Open Mind Training Institute and author of Wise Mind, Open Mind

The Lotus Effect is a remarkable book which guides readers on rich exploration of their relationship to their own identity. Somov's voice is lithe, often playful, but his intent is dead serious. The ideas and techniques in the book are designed to do nothing less than transform the way we think about our own identity. We begin with a process of "identity detox" - which is a wonderful way of describing the process of detaching from the information about ourselves which is not our true self. After working through a series of short exercises designed to help us enact the experience of dis-identifying from what we are not, we are then led on an exploration of what is left after we have discarded all of these unhelpful attachments. Somov has a gift for capturing issues of great complexity in simple concise metaphors and enactments, allowing us to find our way almost effortlessly into an experience of deep self-exploration.

--Andrew Peterson, Ed. D., author of The Next Ten Minutes: 51 Absurdly Simple Ways to Seize the Moment

Kindle: The Lotus Effect: Shedding Suffering and Rediscovering Your Essential Self




From the first page, I was riveted. Having worked professionally with addictive behavior for thirty years, I am seldom surprised with new ideas. Yet this book surprised me with many delightful, inspiring, and useful ideas and exercises that I immediately began to bring into my work with patients. This book rides the crest of a new, hopeful, and effective approach to positive behavior change that’s revolutionizing the way professionals understand and address addictive behaviors.

-- Andrew Tatarsky, PhD, Center for Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Kindle: The Smoke-Free Smoke Break: Stop Smoking Now with Mindfulness and Acceptance