Smoke 2 Quit

awaken the zombie-mind. start your program of smoking cessation with the prep-work of awareness-building. 

toss a monkey wrench into the machine of your smoking mindlessness. break a pattern to infuse a lungful of mindful fresh air into the staleness of the habit.  smoke mindfully to quit mindfully. 

pause to have a puff of presence and mindfulness.  switch your smoking hands to switch off your smoking mind.  change your finger-grip.  change your lip-grip.  get a different lighter.  light with a match if you use a lighter or light with a lighter if you usually use a match.  after you buy a new pack, un-pack the cigs and pack them wrong. 

why?  so that your mind wakes up when you pull them out of the pack.  you get the idea: notice all the smoking micro-behaviors and keep startling your smoking mind with ever new smoking twists. 

why?  just to warm up that cold turkey, you know.  note: this program of awareness-building in and of itself might not be enough. 

there are, of course, other phases to this mindful quitting process...

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CDC: Graphic Ads to Combat Smoking - Psychologically Misguided

"$54 million national media campaign [by CDC] to get smokers to quit and prevent anyone else, especially children, from starting... The campaign, called "Tips From Former Smokers," is intended to educate Americans about the dangers of smoking through the stories and graphic pictures of ex-smokers who have suffered severe health consequences of tobacco use." (read more @ CNN)

Opinion: scare tactics are, by definition, combative and psychologically misguided.