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Pattern Interruption Non-News has no informational value, just potential experiential value.  [Food-for-thought, by definition, comes with indigestion.  If food-for-thought goes down easy, it's not food-for-thought but just brain-candy.]

I write this freely, unafraid of self-contradiction.  And I encourage you to read this blog with the same attitude of interpretive freedom.

Walt Whitman:  Do I contradict myself?  Very well, then I contradict myself.  I am large: I contain multitudes.

Confusion* is enlightenment [of sorts].

confusion =  letting go of the known + stepping into the unknown = openness of mind

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Rainbow Body Phenomenon (Possibly) Explained

In Dzogchen there is a phenomenon called "rainbow body."

Here is some context: "The ultimate fruition of the thodgal [meditation] practices is a body of pure light, called a rainbow body [...] at death, from the point of view of an external observer, the following happens: the corpse does not start to decompose, but starts to shrink until it disappears. Usually fingernails, toenails and hair are left behind."

Here is how I think this happens: advanced meditator consciously de-couples the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen (which coupled constitute 70-80% of water contained in our bodies). Put differently, the mostly water-based human body simply evaporates as these two elements return to their gaseous forms.

Rainbow body phenomenon is an extreme form of letting go, a detachment so profound and system-wide that it plays out at a molecular level.



A slave to word, I once again sit
In front of my own cellular-cellulose self.
A blank page onto its own narrative.
Logos worships its own endless ineffability in vain.
- What am I?
A space trying to embrace itself, nothing else.
Tat tvam asi.


Countdown to Same Dynamic Stillness That Always Is

In you
the essence of reality distorts its own form.
In you
the essence of reality corrects it.

10...9...8...7... 6...
you know how it ends: either in 1 or 0.
Same digital oneness.
After all, essence is still dynamically form, and form is still always essence...

proof-reading is moot: I'll never read this as if I had never written it.
Reality is unedited...
and so are you... and so are you me...

Who am I? Who are you?
5 stanzas - one Un-punctuated space of consciousness in between

Ellipses is but a punctuation symbol that reminds us of the emptiness that eclipses us...